Man Washing Car - How To Keep Your Car Looking New

How To Keep Your Car Looking New

Man Washing Car - How To Keep Your Car Looking New
Follow these 4 easy steps to keep your car looking great for years to come.

We all love to have a shiny, new car and hate when our new cars get dirty and start to look, well, not new.  If you’ve been wondering how to keep your car looking new for as long as possible, here are a few tips to help make your car maintain its long life.

  1. Clean the Inside of Your Car – Vacuum and shampoo the carpets, clean the inside of your windows and mirrors, clean out the tire well in your trunk, and remove the seat cushions and get all the little crumbs from quickly eaten meals out of the car.
  2. Wash Your Car – We’re not talking about the easy pay a few extra dollars after you pump your gas to get a quick and easy car wash. We’re talking about using sponges and hand washing the car inside and out.
  3. Clean Your Headlights – Whether you buy a headlight restore kit or follow the directions posted on Pinterest on how to clean your headlights using toothpaste (note: we’ve never tried this option, so try at your own discretion), clear headlights will make your car seem much newer.
  4. Buff, Polish, and Wax Your Car – Buffing your car will help remove small scratches and the oxidation that occurs when you leave your car outside for long periods of time. Polishing your car will get it that new car shine, and waxing will help seal in any small scratches missed in your initial buffing.

If you’ve done all 4 steps, and your car still doesn’t look as good as new, then maybe it’s just time for a new car. Check out our great selection at Haddad Toyota for a new car that is sure to keep its shine for many years to come!

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