2014 Toyota Camry

The History of the Toyota Camry

2014 Toyota Camry
The History of the Toyota Camry begins almost 35 years ago at the Tokyo Auto Show.

While last week we highlighted the 2015 Toyota Camry, this week we want to take a second to reflect on where the Camry started and how it got to what it is today.

Toyota Celica, the predecessor of the Toyota Camry, was introduced in 1970 at the Tokyo Auto Show. Over the next 10 years, the two-door Celica went through several updates including a few facelifts. By 1980, Toyota decided that they wanted a four-door version of their two-door Celica and decided to call the new model the Camry, thus officially starting the history of the Toyota Camry as we know it today.

The Toyota Camry became a model in its own right rather than just the Toyota Celica Camry in 1982 when the first generation models were built in Japan. The Toyota Camry wasn’t sold in the US or the UK until 1983 when this first generation Camry came out.

In 1987, Toyota created the second-generation Camry and they upgraded its horsepower and created a smoother ride experience through the Camry’s new transmission. In 1988 Toyota added a V6 option to the Toyota Camry and with the Camry’s American popularity, Toyota decided to start building Camrys in the United States instead of just importing them from Japan. By 1992, the Toyota Camry was redesigned yet again to account for American’s love of bigger sedans.

In 1997, all of the hard work that Toyota had put into the Camry paid off, and the 1997 Toyota Camry became the best-selling car in the United States. In 2002, Toyota unveiled another Camry redesign with a sleeker exterior appearance and more spacious interior. Five years later, Toyota revamped the Camry again, giving it a more distinctive exterior appearance. 2007 also was the year Camry introduced its hybrid model.

This brings us up today where we are anxiously awaiting the 2015 Camry and its new exterior panels. Learn more about this 2015 Toyota Camry on our website or just stop into our dealership!

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