Guess What Automaker is the Top Ranked Auto Brand?

Toyota Fuel Cell Logo
Toyota’s high ranking in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Report as the top automaker brand was earned in part because of their dedication to finding green energy sources and building vehicles capable of using them such as this Fuel Cell vehicle shown off at the North American International Auto Show earlier this year.

Recently Interbrand released their list of the Top Global Brands and once again, Toyota is the top ranked auto brand on the list. They improved their ranking from last year’s ten spot to eighth this year. How did they do it amidst what people have referred to as the “Year of the Recall” for the automotive industry? Well for starters, Toyota didn’t run away from the issues it was presented with – they faced them head on. Toyota also announced several exciting plans this year to help keep on top. One such plan is the brand’s planned move from California to Texas for more economical and efficiency savings.

Toyota also was ranked second in Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands index, showing how important finding green energy sources, developing new hybrid technology and saving the environment are to the brand, as if having the Prius as well as the Camry Hybrid, Avalon Hybrid, and Highlander Hybrid models weren’t enough. Furthermore, Toyota is known for its great dependable cars, trucks, and SUVs. In fact, 80% of all Toyotas sold in the last twenty years are still on the road today.

In combination with all of the exciting new technology released at Auto Shows over the past few years, it’s easy to see how Toyota not only is the top ranked auto brand, but they even moved up two spots to be the eighth overall global brand. Stop by Haddad Toyota today to learn first-hand how Toyota earned this ranking from Interbrand by test driving one of our great models today.

A French Connection – The 2015 Toyota Yaris’s French Styling

2015 Yaris
With a sleek black front grille, standard Bluetooth® technology, and 6 speakers, help the Toyota Yaris stand out from the pack. Now, the 2015 Toyota Yaris’s French Styling will also help Toyota’s quirky subcompact stand out from imitators

The new 2015 Toyota Yaris is surprising in a lot of ways. Not only is it a Car as the Toyota commercials proclaimed in the past (see video below), but now the 2015 Toyota Yaris is being built with some special European flair… because for the first time in years, Americans can buy a car that’s actually made in France!

That’s right, the 2015 Toyota Yaris is being made in France! The interior is being designed in a studio in the South of France, and built in a northern French factory.  What does this mean for the 2015 Yaris? Well, for starters its interior will have more padding on the doors and dashboard as well as having 25% more sound insulation to keep your ride as quiet as possible. The Yaris will also have new upholstery which we are hoping will have a decidedly French flair, as well as having new audio and navigation systems.

Of course these aren’t the only changes happening to the Toyota Yaris for 2015. The subcompact is also getting an exterior refresh with a new grille, new taillights, a new tailgate, and sculpted front fenders and hood.

If you’re interested in having a fun car to drive around with a little bit of a French Appeal to it, check out the 2015 Toyota Yaris right here at Haddad Toyota.

2012 Toyota Yaris – It’s a Car! from Heninger Toyota on Vimeo.

2014 Toyota Everyday Heroes

Little blond girl holding a soccer ball at a picnic
The Toyota Everyday Heroes announced at the epsnW Women+ Sports Summit this past week and all of the women honored help run non-profits that are focused on helping women and girls be active.

In 2013 at the espnW Women + Sports Summit, Toyota began their Toyota Everyday Heroes program to honor women who are making a difference for women and girls in their communities through sports. This past week, Toyota announced the winners for the second-year of the Everyday Heroes, and we too, wanted to take some time to honor the three 2014 Toyota Everyday Heroes.

First, there is Dr. Kimberly S. Clay. She founded the Play Like a Girl non-profit. This is a resource that promots physical activity to help motivate young girls to have an active lifestyle. The non-profit’s programs target girls from 8-18 and helps them make healthier lifestyle choices by educating them about food and exercise.

The next recipient of the 2014 Toyota Everyday Heroes award is Monica Gonzales. She was a former professional soccer player and she is a current ESPN soccer commentator. She founded Gonzo Soccer, a soccer and leadership academy non-profit for Chicago girls from 8-16. This non-profit has expanded and Gonzo Soccer now has academies in Houston, Chicago, Columbia, and Mexico.

The third and final recipient of Toyota’s Everyday Heroes award went to Claire Smallwood, the executive director and one of the founders of the non-proft, SheJumps. This non-profit is designed to get women and girls outside, enjoying the great outdoors together, and increase their overall participation in outdoor sports. The non-profit is set up for women of all ages and of all skill levels to have opportunities to find new activities or just new people to do them with.

We just want to say thank you to these three great women and thank you to all of the heroes right here in our community. You help make our country, and our town a better place. Let us here at Haddad Toyota know who you think from our community is an Everyday Hero in the comments below.

Want A Hybrid? Then You Want A Toyota Hybrid

Toyota Camry Hybrid
Toyota’s dedication to green technology goes beyond the Prius. They have not only developed other Toyota hybrid models for the Camry, Avalon, and Highlander, but are going to be among the first to mass produce a Fuel Cell Vehicle.

The Toyota Prius burst onto the scene in 1997 in Japan and onto the US market in 2000. Since then, Toyota has sold over 7 million hybrid vehicles! This impressive number is indicative of two things. One, the world has gotten more environmental conscious since the days of driving a gas chugging, full-sized SUV, and two, Toyota really knows what it’s doing when it comes to hybrids.

While the Prius is the biggest seller for Toyota, with its four models selling over 405,000 vehicles in 2013, it is by no means the only hybrid that Toyota, or all of us at Haddad Toyota, offer. We also have the Camry, Avalon, and Highlander hybrids in case you still want to cash in on that great fuel economy with a little more room or with a little more anonymity than driving a Prius.

Toyota also has some exciting news coming up for the future with their first mass-produced hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle going on sale in Europe next summer and hopefully making its way to the United States soon after all. For all things Toyota, and all things related to Toyota Hybrids, be sure to check back with us each week for an exciting new post!