5 Road Trip Tips That Will Ensure the Perfect Vacation

Road Trip TipsThe weather is warming up and the kids are coming up on their last weeks of school. Summer is almost here! And you know what that means – it’s time for vacation!

Whether you’re taking a short weekend trip or a long trip to a place far away, chances are you’ll be in the car at some point. If you’re driving to your destination, you’ll probably be in the car for extended periods of time, and if you’re prepared, your car ride can be the best part of your trip! Take a look at these 5 road trip tips to take your vacation to the next level.

  1. Bring Snacks. If you’re stopping every hour because someone is hungry, you’ll never reach your destination. Bringing some extra food and snacks with you can also help cut down on costs related to fast food stops.
  2. Bring Games. Nothing puts a damper on the fun mood of vacation than hearing your kids say, “Are we there yet?” If you can keep the family entertained during the car ride, everyone will have much more fun. One of our favorite games is Road Trip Bingo. It’s easy and everyone can play – even the driver!
  3. Take pictures. Some of the most beautiful scenery can be found on the highways and backroads of America. While you may be more focused on taking pictures during your actual vacation, road photos can be just as fun to take. Have a photo scavenger hunt with your kids in the car to see who can capture the best photo of the road.
  4. Have a map in the car with some alternate routes. Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances, like a road closure or accident, that you didn’t plan on during your trip. If you have some alternate routes planned out you could save hours of your drive. Having a map with you can also help when you’re in an area with no cell phone service.
  5. Be prepared. You should always have a first aid kit and emergency water and snacks in your car in case you break down or get stranded.

Road trips can be fun for the entire family if you’re prepared. Follow these tips and you’re sure to have an amazing summer! And if you’re looking for the perfect vehicle for a road trip, we have several at Haddad Toyota. Stop in today!

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