What Do You Do When You Witness a Car Crash?

car crash

It’s happened: a car crash. Thankfully, you weren’t involved, but you witnessed the accident. So the question is: What do you do when you have seen a car crash?

Don’t Get Too Close – This tip applies to two things—your car and yourself. You will want to keep your car back so that emergency vehicles and personnel can get to the crash and help the people involved. Never leave your vehicle in the middle of traffic or somewhere it might cause another accident. As for yourself, you will want to keep your personal distance if you think that the scene is unsafe.

Call 911 – If you think anyone was injured, immediately call 911. If the scene seems safe to approach, you can try to make the victims comfortable, but DO NOT MOVE THEM. Leave that to professional medical personnel, since moving someone with a minor injury can easily make it into a major one.

Write Down What You Saw – When police arrive, they are going to need to know what happened. So, to make sure that your account of the accident is accurate (and to help if one of the parties in the accident is being dishonest to avoid being placed at fault), write down a few notes about what you saw. Make sure that you are honest—you may be called upon to testify to this information while under oath. Alternatively, if the accident was a hit-and-run situation, write down the license plate of the car that drove off to give to police.

Accidents are sometimes unavoidable, but if you drive a new Toyota, you can rest assured that every measure has been taken to ensure the safest ride possible.

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