Under Construction

Haddad Toyota Construction

Some of you may have recently noticed a bit of a mess around our store on Pittsfield-Lennox Road. Well, if you didn’t know already, we’re under construction!

One of the main goals of our dealership construction is to make the design more in line with other Toyota dealerships across the country. The look Toyota endorses is streamlined and modern, and our new building will align with those standards.

Speaking of streamlining, another benefit of this construction will be to unify all of the parts of our dealership.

“Back in 1968 my father and grandfather built this building,” owner George Haddad said. “In 1988-89 we renovated this building again and basically doubled its size. In between that we’ve added some service stuff and some offices. There’s a hodgepodge of everything. So what we decided to do was virtually clean everything up.”

Our $5 million renovation project is expected to be finished in February 2016. Stay tuned – we’ll give you more updates as we have them. As always, thank you for being a loyal Haddad customer, where we keep your business in the Berkshires!

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