How to Fix Car Scratches

Fix Car Scratches

A slight scratch or scuff, once seen, cannot be forgotten about. If left untouched, it will haunt you every time you head out to your car. While you should come into the service center for large scratches, minor ones can be fixed easily. Luckily for you, Haddad Toyota has a proven method to fix car scratches without spending more than a few bucks!

To start, you’ll want to clean all of the scratches you intend to fix. Any dirt or grime will end up in your paint if they’re inside the scratches. Next, see how deep the scratches are by dragging your fingernail over them. If your nail gets caught, it might be too deep to fix at home or without special kits.

Once you’ve cleaned in and around the scratches, grab a cloth, dampen it, and get a tube of toothpaste. To speed up the process, you could also use a drill and buffing pad.

Add a dab of toothpaste to the cloth then rub it on the scratch in circular motions. Depending on how long and deep the scratch is, it could take anywhere from a few rotations to a few minutes. Simply lift the cloth to see if the scratch is gone. Once you’re satisfied, that’s it; you’re done!

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Debut Shocks New York

The latest and greatest Toyota Prius launched at the 2016 New York International Auto Show to much awe from the crowd. Known as the Prius Prime, this plug-in hybrid offers better range, increased fuel efficiency, and more features than the previous model. Needless to say, the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime debut made every green driver’s dream come true.

Just two years ago, the Prius has an electric-only range of 11 miles on a full charge. In addition to that small distance, it lacked quite a few features. Now, the latest Prius proves Toyota takes customer input into account.

The Prius Prime comes with double the range, 22 miles on a full charge, of its predecessor. When the electric motor and gasoline engine work together, fuel economy comes to more than an EPA-estimated120 mpge.

This time around, the hybrid is powered by an 8.8-kWh battery pack that pushes out 127 hp. When the Prius runs on the electric motor alone, it can hit a top speed of 84 mph. Even better, the battery can be charged at any home AC outlet. It can take up to five and a half hours for the battery to reach a full charge.

We here at Haddad Toyota are hyped to see the latest Prius hitting the markets!