Toyota to be the First Automaker to Use Biosynthetic Engine and Drive System Hoses

Toyota Prius
The Toyota Prius ushered in a new age of environmental friendly technology. Now, Toyota is at the forefront again.

Toyota is always pushing forward to make their vehicles more advanced. They are also constantly looking for ways to make their vehicles more environmentally-friendly. Once again, Toyota is at the forefront of a new technology in the automotive industry. Toyota will be the first automaker to use biosynthetic engine and drive system hoses.

The biosynthetic material used for the hoses is called biohydrin. Developed in partnership with the Zeon Corporation and the Sumitomo Riko Co., biohydrin is made out of bio-materials derived from plants. The use of these bio-materials results in a 20 percent reduction of carbon emissions.

Engine and drive system hoses are required to have a high level of oil and heat resistance. In order to achieve this in the biohydrin, Toyota combined the bio-materials with traditional rubber materials on a molecular level.

The new biosynthetic hoses are expected to be implemented into Toyota vehicles by the end of the year.

This technology is just another example of Toyota’s commitment to more advanced vehicles and a healthier planet.

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