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Only 8 Days Left of the Haddad Sock Game!

With the month of June coming to a close soon, we’ve received an amazing response to the Haddad Sock Game here at Haddad Toyota in Pittsfield!

To refresh your memory if you haven’t been keeping up, The Haddad Sock Game is a charitable campaign that aims to raise money for #HoopsNotCrime. Hoops Not Crime is an outreach program created in Gainesville, Florida with a goal of bringing children and police together, creating better youth relations, and providing basketballs and hoops so that anyone and everyone has the opportunity to play.

Haven’t participated in the Haddad Sock Game yet? Not to worry, you still have 8 more days to contribute to a great cause! Here’s how to play:

  1. Find your wildest pair of socks.
  2. Snap a picture.
  3. Load it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can post it to the Haddad Toyota Facebook page, or tag us on Instagram or twitter (@HaddadToyota). Whichever you choose, make sure to include the #HaddadSockGame. For every post with this hashtag, Haddad Toyota will donate $1 to Hoops Not Crime to help fund the equipment needed to bring the youth of Pittsfield together through basketball. That’s right, 1 minute of your time equals $1 for a great cause

So far, the community participation of different businesses, organizations, and people here in the Berkshires has been astounding! Let’s keep the momentum going through the end of the month and raise as much money and awareness for this great cause as possible!


Here’s just a small sample of the many participants in the Haddad Sock Game: Officer Darren Derby of the Pittsfield Police Department and the brains behind the Hoops Not Crime chapter in Pittsfield (Left) and our Haddad Toyota Team (Right). Haddad Toyota would like to make a special thank you to Blue Q here in Pittsfield for providing us with a steady supply of socks to give out to customers!

What are you waiting for? There’s only 8 days left, so show your support for the Haddad Sock Game and you’ll be supporting the youth and community!

The #HaddadSockGame is Back!

Haddad-SockGame-fbPostThe #HaddadSockGame is back!

That’s right folks- we’re bringing back the game that took the Berkshires by storm. Only this time, it’s in support of #HoopsNotCrime in Pittsfield.

What is the Haddad Sock Game?

The Haddad Sock Game is a charitable campaign that spreads across the Haddad Dealerships, designed to spread joy and raise funds for local causes.

What is #HoopsNotCrime?

Created in Gainesville, Florida, #HoopsNotCrime is an outreach program designed to bring kids and cops together. Local police officers, led by Officer Darren Derby, go out into the community and distribute basketballs, hoops, snacks and drinks to start a conversation and build a relationship with the kids of our community.

How do I play?

All you have to do is put on some fantastic socks, snap a picture and post it to one of our Facebook pages (or tag us in your Instagram post) along with the hashtag #HaddadSockGame. For every new post with this hashtag, we will donate $1 toward the purchase of equipment for #HoopsNotCrime.

That’s pretty straight forward right? Now, if you don’t have any funky socks and are in the market for some, you should definitely check out the selection over at Blue Q. Not only are their socks hilarious, they are an esteemed member of the Berkshire business community and have been extremely helpful toward our effort to raise funds for this fantastic cause.

For more information about donating to #HoopsNotCrime, check out their Facebook page:

Haddad Dealerships Now Accepting Toys for Tots

Toys for TotsThis holiday season, amidst all the hustle and bustle of shopping and family get-togethers, we like to take some time to step back and appreciate all that we have, as well as give back to those who aren’t as fortunate.

So, for the 5th year in a row, the Haddad Dealerships are proud to serve as drop-off spots for the Toys for Tots program. There will be bins for toy collection at all 4 of our stores – Haddad Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, and Hyundai!

“We are happy to once again be a Toys For Tots drop off site.  It’s a wonderful organization with a fabulous mission and we’re honored to help in any way,” said Owner George Haddad

Toys for Tots collects new, unwrapped toys before the holidays. The program then delivers these toys to less fortunate children all across the United States, spreading holiday cheer and happiness in the process.

There is no specific list of toys, so consider donating something you think your own child would like. The only toys not accepted are realistic-looking weapons and food gifts. The last drop-off date is December 13.

If you have any questions, stop by any of our stores or just give us a call!

2014 Toyota Everyday Heroes

Little blond girl holding a soccer ball at a picnic
The Toyota Everyday Heroes announced at the epsnW Women+ Sports Summit this past week and all of the women honored help run non-profits that are focused on helping women and girls be active.

In 2013 at the espnW Women + Sports Summit, Toyota began their Toyota Everyday Heroes program to honor women who are making a difference for women and girls in their communities through sports. This past week, Toyota announced the winners for the second-year of the Everyday Heroes, and we too, wanted to take some time to honor the three 2014 Toyota Everyday Heroes.

First, there is Dr. Kimberly S. Clay. She founded the Play Like a Girl non-profit. This is a resource that promots physical activity to help motivate young girls to have an active lifestyle. The non-profit’s programs target girls from 8-18 and helps them make healthier lifestyle choices by educating them about food and exercise.

The next recipient of the 2014 Toyota Everyday Heroes award is Monica Gonzales. She was a former professional soccer player and she is a current ESPN soccer commentator. She founded Gonzo Soccer, a soccer and leadership academy non-profit for Chicago girls from 8-16. This non-profit has expanded and Gonzo Soccer now has academies in Houston, Chicago, Columbia, and Mexico.

The third and final recipient of Toyota’s Everyday Heroes award went to Claire Smallwood, the executive director and one of the founders of the non-proft, SheJumps. This non-profit is designed to get women and girls outside, enjoying the great outdoors together, and increase their overall participation in outdoor sports. The non-profit is set up for women of all ages and of all skill levels to have opportunities to find new activities or just new people to do them with.

We just want to say thank you to these three great women and thank you to all of the heroes right here in our community. You help make our country, and our town a better place. Let us here at Haddad Toyota know who you think from our community is an Everyday Hero in the comments below.

Haddad Sock Game: Fun for a Great Cause

Haddad Sock Game
These are just some of the fun socks already posted to our Haddad Facebook wall as a part of the Haddad Sock Game. Be sure to add yours today!

Have you heard the buzz around Pittsfield? The Haddad Sock Game is taking the town by storm! Everyone from Haddad employees to girls at a slumber party are all playing… and the best part is that all the proceeds from the game benefit the Pittsfield Community Connection!

What is the Haddad Sock Game?

It’s a way that the Haddad Auto Group is trying to spread enjoyment and benefit a great cause, the Pittfield Community Connection.

Great, how do I play?

All you have to do is upload an image of yourself with crazy socks on to one of the Haddad Auto Group Facebook pages with the hashtag, #haddadsockgame.

How does this benefit the Pittsfield Community Connection?

For every photo of crazy socks that is uploaded to our Facebook from July 1 – July 31, the Haddad Auto Group will donate one dollar to the Pittsfield Community Connection.

What is the Pittsfield Community Connection?

The Pittsfield Community Connection is a non-profit organization in Pittsfield, MA focused on connecting with high-risk youth and helping them make positive choices. This summer the Pittsfield Community Connection is offering mentoring and neighbor activities at three different community centers in our local area.

So what are you waiting for? Go take some pictures of those crazy socks and post them to Haddad Toyota, Haddad Hyundai, or Haddad Subaru’s facebook walls today!

Powering Remote Locations: Toyota Hybrid Battery Packs

Toyota Hybrid Battery Pack
While this Toyota Hybrid Battery Pack is in a car, ready to power it down the road, Toyota has found uses for their battery packs beyond the norm.

Do you remember earlier this year when a man in Ontario lost power due to a snow storm and he decided to power his home using his Toyota Prius? If you missed this story in the midst of all the snow storms coming our way this past winter, well, we can’t blame you. But, someone certainly noticed this story and saw that Toyota hybrid batteries have a lot of power, even when they aren’t brand new! Toyota decided to use their battery power to help others and recently donated 208 used Camry hybrid nickel-metal battery packs to Yellowstone National Park. These Toyota hybrid battery packs will be used to power the Buffalo Ranch Field Campus.

The batteries will be able to provide power to the Buffalo Ranch Field Campus’s five buildings for more than a year, holding up to 85 kilowatts of energy. Toyota believes that this might just be the first of many uses for these hybrid battery packs. These batteries could help power buildings in remote locations across the globe. This would help to double the lifespan of Toyota’s hybrid batteries, helping Toyota’s hybrids to be green in more ways than one.

This high-tech power system is set to be installed this coming fall. To see just what the Toyota hybrid battery packs can do before it’s too old to properly power a car, check out the Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Avalon Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid, and RAV4 EV at Haddad Toyota!

Berkshire County Blood Drive at Haddad Toyota

Central Berkshire County’s Toyota Dealer, Haddad Toyota, is hosting a BHS Blood Drive at their Pittsfield location at 130 Pittsfield-Lenox Road this week!  Berkshire Health Systems is bringing their BHS Bloodmobile to our Route 7 Car Dealership Tuesday December 10th from 9am to 3pm.  No appointment is necessary as walk ins are welcome!  In addition to the knowledge that they’ve helped their Berkshire County neighbors, donors will receive snacks and their choice of a Beacon Cinemas movie pass or a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Why donate at the BHS Bloodmobile?  All of the blood collected will stay right here in Berkshire County and will be made available to emergency room patients at BMC and Fairview Hospital.  In addition, it’s much less expensive to collect blood in the BHS Bloodmobile than by importing it from outside the county – helping to keep health costs down.

Be sure to drink plenty of liquids (coffee doesn’t count) and to eat before you donate blood.  The Blood Mobile staff are friendly, quick and efficient and you should be in and out in no time – many donors donate during their lunch break!

Please come to the Berkshire County Blood Drive this Tuesday – and be sure to let your friends know by sharing our  Facebook and Twitter posts.  Thank You!

Let’s Give Where We Live – BHS Blood Drive

Haddad Toyota is hosting the BHS Blood Drive Tuesday December 10th from 9am to 3pm! Come on by and donate some blood to help your Berkshire County friends, family and neighbors.  It only takes a few minutes but the effect you can have on the Berkshires could last a lifetime!  Remember, all the blood that Berkshire Health Systems collects stays right here in Berkshire County.

When you donate you get a token of BHS’ appreciation – choose from a Beacon Cinema Ticket,Ben & Jerry’s Pint-for-a-Pint and so much more!

Walk-ins are welcomed or feel free to call to sign up 413 447-2597 X2. Remember to eat a well-balanced meal and drink plenty of water before you donate!

Let’s give where we live.   Hope to see you here!!