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Toyota’s New Sports Car: 2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN

Toyota Mark X GRMN
The 2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN being released in Japan was created to help celebrate the success of the Toyota Mark X 350S model. We hope that Toyota will create a model to help celebrate the success of the Toyota Camry for all of us state side. Image from video embedded below.

Toyota recently released a video of the all-new 2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN sports sedan and we have to say, it looks like one of the most fun to drive Toyotas we have seen!

The Toyota Mark X 350S is a popular Japanese model that comes with a 3.5L V6 engine with 321 horsepower, front engine, and rear-wheel drive. The new 2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN edition uses this same engine, but kicks up a few of the other elements.

For starters the Toyota Mark X Gazoo Racing Masters of Nurburging (GRMN) edition features a new, sporty 6-speed manual transmission, sport-tuned suspension, performance brakes, a complete carbon fiber roof panel, a Torsen limited-slip differential, and chassis reinforcement. Add in the new aero-front bumper, black mirror caps, carbon fiber rear lip spoiler, and 19-inch wheels and you’ve got one sleek car that will leave the competition in the dust.

Of course, Toyota made a few changes to the inside of the Mark X GRMN including removing infotainment system to help save weight and make the car even lighter and faster.

While we can’t buy the 2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN edition (nor can many in Japan since it’s limited to 100 models), we do have the sporty Corolla and Camry on sale now at Haddad Toyota. While we wait to see if Toyota will release special edition of these models, be sure to stop by and check out what these two great cars already offer!

End of The Road for the FJ Cruiser and Matrix

2014 FJ Cruiser
2014 is the end of the road for the eccentric FJ Cruiser, a Toyota fan favorite for many who wanted an SUV whose off-roading capabilities couldn’t be beat.

2014 has been a great year for Toyota. The Toyota Camry remained the top-selling car in the United States, the Toyota Tacoma has already teased its 2016 version which looks better than ever, and the Toyota Mirai is one of the first fuel cell vehicles to be sold commercially. However, 2014 also spells the end of the road for a few Toyota favorites.

The 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser will be the last year this fun and quirky looking Toyota SUV will be made. From its first year in 2007 until now, the FJ Cruiser’s incredible suspension system and powerful V6 engine won the hearts of off-road enthusiasts everywhere. With the end of the Cruiser, these enthusiasts will have to look for the Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, or Land Cruiser to help pick-up where this vehicle left off.

2014 is also the last year for the Toyota Matrix hatchback. Praised for its top-notch safety features and affordable price, the Matrix has been a fan favorite for over ten years. Now Matrix lovers can turn to the Prius for an economical choice for a new hatchback.

While we are sad that it’s the end of the road for the FJ Cruiser and Matrix, we know that it just opens up the doors for new Toyota models to be released, like the Toyota Mirai which is already getting rave reviews for its great fuel economy and efficiency. Come by Haddad Toyota today to see your favorite Toyota cars!

Guess What Automaker is the Top Ranked Auto Brand?

Toyota Fuel Cell Logo
Toyota’s high ranking in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Report as the top automaker brand was earned in part because of their dedication to finding green energy sources and building vehicles capable of using them such as this Fuel Cell vehicle shown off at the North American International Auto Show earlier this year.

Recently Interbrand released their list of the Top Global Brands and once again, Toyota is the top ranked auto brand on the list. They improved their ranking from last year’s ten spot to eighth this year. How did they do it amidst what people have referred to as the “Year of the Recall” for the automotive industry? Well for starters, Toyota didn’t run away from the issues it was presented with – they faced them head on. Toyota also announced several exciting plans this year to help keep on top. One such plan is the brand’s planned move from California to Texas for more economical and efficiency savings.

Toyota also was ranked second in Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands index, showing how important finding green energy sources, developing new hybrid technology and saving the environment are to the brand, as if having the Prius as well as the Camry Hybrid, Avalon Hybrid, and Highlander Hybrid models weren’t enough. Furthermore, Toyota is known for its great dependable cars, trucks, and SUVs. In fact, 80% of all Toyotas sold in the last twenty years are still on the road today.

In combination with all of the exciting new technology released at Auto Shows over the past few years, it’s easy to see how Toyota not only is the top ranked auto brand, but they even moved up two spots to be the eighth overall global brand. Stop by Haddad Toyota today to learn first-hand how Toyota earned this ranking from Interbrand by test driving one of our great models today.

New Car Revealed: Toyota C-HR Concept Car

Toyota FCV Concept NAIAS
The New Toyota C-FR Concept Car revealed yesterday reminds us a lot of the Toyota Fuel Cell vehicle revealed at NAIAS earlier this year. Take a look at the two and let us know what you think.

We’ve been waiting in anticipation to see what the new Toyota Concept cars revealed in October’s Paris Auto Show are going to look like. Will they be sleek and fluid like the Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle they revealed at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)? Will the new Toyota Concept Cars look sportier like the Toyota FT-1? Will Toyota just completely catch us off guard with a new and interesting design much like their new U2 Concept which looks nothing like anything we’ve seen from Toyota before?

While we couldn’t predict what Toyota was going to show us, we knew it was going to be interesting! At every major car show, Toyota seems to reveal a little more about their new vehicles, and this time is no different. With the Paris Auto Show opening in less than 2 weeks, we just knew that we had some special vehicles on the way, and yesterday Toyota Revealed their C-HR Sporty Compact Crossover. This new car’s fluid exterior reminds us a lot of the Fuel Cell Concept released earlier this year, which is fitting since it is a hybrid. Of course one thing did strike us as odd about this image – the C-HR appears to have no door handles, even though reports say it has 3 doors!

Check out the image of the Toyota C-HR Concept Car below and let all of us at Haddad Toyota know what you think of this interesting new vehicle in the comments below!

Driverless Cars? Let’s Talk About Safe Cars Instead

2014 Camry
Toyota’s decided to shift its focus on creating a car that will drive itself to increasing the safety features on all of their current models.

More and more companies such as Google, Volkswagen, Nissan, and others have developed technology for autonomous cars. Autonomous cars, you know, cars without a person behind the wheel, are no longer going to be a top focus for Toyota. They decided to put their focus on safety technology instead.

“Toyota will not be developing a driverless car,” Toyota’s Deputy Chief Safety Technology Officer, Seigo Kuzumaki said.

Toyota believes that driverless cars are still 10 years away given the legal issues that need to be solved and technology developments that still need to occur. Because of this, Toyota intends to continue developing the preventative safety measures in their vehicles such as allowing cars to steer enough to stay in the center of a lane, making sure that the driver keeps their hands on the wheel, and eyes on the road. According to Toyota’s General Manager of their Intelligent Vehicle division, Ken Koibuchi, your car would become “a full-time back-seat driver.”

Let us here at Haddad Toyota know what you think of Toyota’s new safety focus and what you think of driverless car technology in the comments below.

Toyota Fuel Efficiency in An Unexpected Place

2014 Toyota Prius Hybrid
When most people think about Toyota Fuel efficiency, they only think about the Toyota Prius or toher Toyota Hybrids. But, Toyota has some great fuel efficient options in some surprising places.

When discussions of Toyota fuel efficiency come up, everyone’s minds immediately jump to hybrid technology. People love to talk about the great the fuel economy of the Toyota Prius, Camry Hybrid, Sonata Hybrid, or really, any Toyota hybrid. While the 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid ranks first on U.S. News & World Report’s ranking of the best hybrid cars, and the 2014 Toyota Prius ranks fourth and are certainly great fuel efficient options, they are not Toyota’s only fuel efficient options. Many people often skim over Toyota’s non-car models when looking for a fuel efficient vehicle and this is often a mistake.

Recently the two-wheel drive 2014 Toyota Tacoma was given the title of the most fuel efficient small pickup truck by Design News. This Toyota pickup gets an EPA estimated 25 MPG Highway and 21 MPG city. Of course, you can find Toyota fuel-efficiency in an SUV as well. The 2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid was named the most fuel efficient in the standard SUV category,  getting an EPA estimated 28 MPG Highway and 27 MPG City.

No matter what size vehicle you need, Toyota has a fuel efficient option for you. Be sure to stop by Haddad Toyota to check out these great cars and see which one fits with your lifestyle.

How to Determine the Overall Cost of A Car


2014 Toyota Camry - cost of owning a car
The cost of owning a family sedan, such as the pictured Toyota Camry, is about $9,000 per year.

When searching for the perfect car, it’s easy to get lost in its fancy interior features, upgraded technology, sleek exterior, engine power, and safety features. What’s often hard to figure out is how much the car will really cost you. Sure, there’s the sticker price, the price you negotiate for, and the payment you make each month, but the overall cost of a car is often more than these simple numbers.

The real cost of having a car is much higher than you would expect. According to a recent AAA report, for the average family with a sedan, such as the Toyota Camry, the cost of owning the car for a year would be around $9,000. This includes the obvious costs of gas and oil changes and other standard maintenance, but it also includes some not-so-obvious costs such as depreciation, insurance, and registration. If you opt for an SUV, these costs often tend to be even higher.

Michael Calkins, the manager of technical services for AAA suggests that to combat these costs, the most sensible thing to do is to buy a used car. Used cars don’t lose as much depreciation during the first few years on the road as new cars do.

Be sure to check out the great used cars we have on hand to get more bang for your buck down the line.