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2016 Toyota Corolla Features Outshine the Competition

2016 Toyota Corolla Features

Already one of the most popular cars on the market, the 2016 Toyota Corolla has some exciting new technology and amenities drivers will love. From infotainment to convenience, few sedans can match the 2016 Toyota Corolla features.

The new Corolla has twelve trim levels, so there’s plenty of opportunity for you to pick the trim with the right features for you. At various trim levels, you can get Siri Eyes Free technology, a remoteless key system, and integrated backup camera, and so much more. Higher trim levels even have both normal and sport driving modes for the very best performance.

This sedan is also pratical, comfortable, and stylish to drive. Every trim has 60/40 split seating so you can fold one or both sides down to maximize your cargo space, and you can get such exclusive features as the Special Edition floor mats in the highest trim. Heat passenger and driver seats will make your winter drive more cozy, and the climate control’s pollen filter will make your car’s cabin more hospitable!

Whatever you’re looking for in a new car, the new Corolla has it all, so stop by Haddad Toyota!

Toyota, Honda, Nissan Support Fuel Cell Vehicle Refueling Infrastructure

fuel cell vehicle graphic
Here’s what a typical engine that powers a Toyota Fuel Cell vehicle looks like. We hope it glows in real life too.

All of the major Japanese automakers including Toyota, Honda, and Nissan have agreed to bolster an expanded fuel cell vehicle (FCV) refueling infrastructure in their home country—appropriately named the Joint Hydrogen Infrastructure Support Project.

As part of the partnership, the three manufacturers will subsidize one third of the annual operating expenses up to a maximum of 11 million yen (about $90,000) for any hydrogen refueling station that applies and is accepted into the program.

The Toyota Mirai, which has just been rated by the EPA at 67 MPGe and a 312-mile range, is already experiencing high demand. The country is expecting to have 6,000 FCVs on the road by 2020 and possibly even 100,000 just five years later, as more and more people become aware of the advantages of fuel cell vehicles and as the infrastructure to support them continues to expand.

Given a few years, we might even see the same progress in North America and, eventually, at Haddad Toyota!

R&D Breakthrough Means Bright Future for Toyota Fuel Cell Stacks

It’s no secret the Toyota Motor Company is hard at work pouring resources into the research and development of fuel cell vehicles and the technology that runs them. Toyota has recently made a major breakthrough in its fuel cell stack development, which will ultimately lead to more efficient and durable Toyota fuel cell stacks.

According to a news release, Toyota and Japan Fine Ceramics Center (JFCC) have created a new method to observe “the behavior of nanometer-sized particles of platinum during chemical reactions in fuel cells so that the processes leading to reduced catalytic reactivity can be observed.”

That’s a whole bunch of scientific terminology, but basically boils down to the fact that researchers can now analyze the process of “coarsening,” when platinum nanoparticles (used to create a reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity in the fuel stacks) increase in size and decrease in surface area, reducing reactivity. Now, scientists will be able to determine the cause for the decreased reactivity (and therefore decreased fuel cell output), improving the overall function of the fuel stack.

Fuel cell vehicles are a promising alternative to hybrid and electric vehicles thanks to their quick, easy hydrogen refueling system, long-distance driving range, and pure water vapor output.

We at Haddad Toyota look forward to seeing how fuel cell vehicles play into the future of our roads!

Steve the Dummy Helps Save Lives


Toyota, along with Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) and Ohio State University, has developed a special robot named Steve that helps the automaker test out its pre-collision system (PCS).

Toyota’s PCS aims to stop accidents before they happen. Toyota’s vehicles that have PCS are equipped with a special camera and radar system that detects pedestrians or other obstacles in the road ahead of them. The PCS issues a warning to the driver, and can automatically bring the car to a full stop if necessary.

Steve may be a dummy, but he’s definitely not dumb. Equipped with “skin” that mimics the density and motion of a human being, Steve is able to simulate a real human’s movements and walking speed.

Since Steve moves like a real human being, the scientists are able to test the PCS system on Steve safely and without causing injury.

Don’t worry – Steve doesn’t get injured either. He’s made of a special material that can withstand high impacts, such as being hit by a car.

Toyota hopes that their PCS system will help to prevent accidents and make driving safer. And we all have one “person” to thank for this developing technology – Steve the Dummy!

Come take a look at our Toyota vehicles that are equipped with PCS today!

Kirobo the Robot earns two Guinness World Records!

Kirobo the RobotThe main mission of a joint organization between the University of Tokyo, Toyota, and the Japan Aerospace Organization Agency (JAXA) was to send a robot into space. They did it, and it earned the robot two Guinness World Records.

Kirobo the robot arrived in space on August 10,2013 at the International Space Station. He spent 18 months aboard the space station, and in that time he managed to break two World Records.

According to Guinness, he was “The first companion robot in space” and “The highest altitude for a robot to have a conversation is 414.2 km above mean sea level and was achieved by Kirobo.”

Some of the main features Kirobo possesses are voice recognition, speech synthesis, telecommunications functions, a facial recognition camera, and a recording camera.

Kirobo is one example of Toyota technology blazing the trail for new developments. Toyota vehicles do the same thing! Stop by Haddad Toyota to find out how!

Toyota’s New Sports Car: 2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN

Toyota Mark X GRMN
The 2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN being released in Japan was created to help celebrate the success of the Toyota Mark X 350S model. We hope that Toyota will create a model to help celebrate the success of the Toyota Camry for all of us state side. Image from video embedded below.

Toyota recently released a video of the all-new 2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN sports sedan and we have to say, it looks like one of the most fun to drive Toyotas we have seen!

The Toyota Mark X 350S is a popular Japanese model that comes with a 3.5L V6 engine with 321 horsepower, front engine, and rear-wheel drive. The new 2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN edition uses this same engine, but kicks up a few of the other elements.

For starters the Toyota Mark X Gazoo Racing Masters of Nurburging (GRMN) edition features a new, sporty 6-speed manual transmission, sport-tuned suspension, performance brakes, a complete carbon fiber roof panel, a Torsen limited-slip differential, and chassis reinforcement. Add in the new aero-front bumper, black mirror caps, carbon fiber rear lip spoiler, and 19-inch wheels and you’ve got one sleek car that will leave the competition in the dust.

Of course, Toyota made a few changes to the inside of the Mark X GRMN including removing infotainment system to help save weight and make the car even lighter and faster.

While we can’t buy the 2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN edition (nor can many in Japan since it’s limited to 100 models), we do have the sporty Corolla and Camry on sale now at Haddad Toyota. While we wait to see if Toyota will release special edition of these models, be sure to stop by and check out what these two great cars already offer!

Beyond the Prius – Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle
Toyota debuted one of their Fuel Cell Vehicle Concept Designs at the North American International Auto Show earlier this year and now the new Toyota Mirai, their production Fuel Cell vehicle is getting ready to hit the markets late next year.

With the electric Toyota Prius, the number one hybrid vehicle on the market, you would think that Toyota would continue to bank on electric energy as the alternate energy source of the future. Well, Toyota’s new hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle, the Toyota Mirai, is starting to prove you wrong.

The Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle is certainly one of a kind. It’s a midsized sedan that runs on hydrogen fuel cell technology combined with hybrid synergy drive. It can go up to 300 miles on a charge and re-charges in about 5 minutes, unlike your typical electric car that takes 30 minutes on a DC Quick-Charger to get to 80% of its charge. This means that the new Toyota Fuel Cell vehicle will revolutionize what an alternate energy vehicle can do. The new Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle will become a more feasible vehicle to take on longer trips, not just to the office and back. Well, at least it will when hydrogen charging stations become more widely available.


The Toyota Mirai will go on sale in California next fall, but until then keep checking back with our blog here at Haddad Toyota to stay up-to-date on the latest Toyota news and technology.

Driverless Cars? Let’s Talk About Safe Cars Instead

2014 Camry
Toyota’s decided to shift its focus on creating a car that will drive itself to increasing the safety features on all of their current models.

More and more companies such as Google, Volkswagen, Nissan, and others have developed technology for autonomous cars. Autonomous cars, you know, cars without a person behind the wheel, are no longer going to be a top focus for Toyota. They decided to put their focus on safety technology instead.

“Toyota will not be developing a driverless car,” Toyota’s Deputy Chief Safety Technology Officer, Seigo Kuzumaki said.

Toyota believes that driverless cars are still 10 years away given the legal issues that need to be solved and technology developments that still need to occur. Because of this, Toyota intends to continue developing the preventative safety measures in their vehicles such as allowing cars to steer enough to stay in the center of a lane, making sure that the driver keeps their hands on the wheel, and eyes on the road. According to Toyota’s General Manager of their Intelligent Vehicle division, Ken Koibuchi, your car would become “a full-time back-seat driver.”

Let us here at Haddad Toyota know what you think of Toyota’s new safety focus and what you think of driverless car technology in the comments below.

Elevate Your Style – 2014 Toyota Corolla Technology Features


Interior of Toyota Corolla
The 2014 Toyota Corolla’s available touch-screen help make it one of the most desirable cars on the road.

The Toyota Corolla’s recent advertisements have focused on its fun, colorful, sleek, stylish appearance. However, the Corolla’s exterior appearance is not the only thing that makes it stand out from the crowd. The 2014 Toyota Corolla technology features are top of the line, which helps make every ride inside your new 2014 Toyota Corolla an enjoyable one.

To start with, the Corolla L comes with a standard AM/FM radio, CD player, auxiliary audio jack, USB port, iPod® connectivity and interface, and hands-free phone capabilities. The Corolla LE, LE Eco, and S all have the Entune™ Audio system with a 6.1-inch touch-screen display which includes AM/FM radio, CD player, six speakers, and an auxiliary audio jack. Add in the included USB port, Bluetooth® music streaming, hands-free phone connectivity, advanced voice recognition, and iPod connectivity, and you’ve got a car that you will never want to leave. From there, you have the option to upgrade to an even sweeter audio package which includes HD Radio ™, HD predictive traffic and Doppler weather overlay, a high-resolution touch-screen with split-screen display, and Satellite radio. The 2014 Corolla LE, LE ECO, and S all also come with an integrated back-up camera, helping you safely back out, even when it’s hard to see what’s behind you.

With so many technology features offered in the new 2014 Toyota Corolla, it’s easy to see how the new compact car will elevate your style. Come by Haddad Toyota and test drive the new 2014 Toyota Corolla today. With so many added technology features, you will be glad you did!

New Race Track Record From the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid

Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid
The Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid conquered the Nordschleife Grand Prix race track to show the difference a truly fuel efficient vehicle can make in your daily commute.

Ever heard of the Nürburgring Nordschleife Grand Prix race track known as “The Green Hell” due to its steep hills and sharp turns? Well, this is a race track about 75 miles northwest of Frankfurt, Germany and the Grand Prix style track is widely known to be a part of the motorsport racing events as a safe and modern racing track.

While Toyota has loved racing around this track in the past, they decided to do things a little differently this time around. Toyota took the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid out for a spin. The goal of this run, unlike the runs most often made around this track, wasn’t to be the fastest. In fact, the idea behind it was to see how long the Toyota Prius Plug-In could make it on one tank of gas.

The driver behind this race was Joe Clifford, an automotive journalist. He almost exclusively used the Prius’s electric powertain and only switched over to gasoline for a few of the more brutal up hills on the track. While Clifford maintained an average speed of about 40 miles per hour to help improve efficiency, his trip around the Nordschleife track still did prove a point – it’s possible to get to work or run errands using almost no gasoline.

Check out the video below and let us at Haddad Toyota know what you think of the all new Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid!