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Traveling With Pets

Traveling With Pets

Taking your favorite companion on a road trip is an experience the whole family will remember. Traveling with pets is different than traveling with people and there are a few things you can do to ensure everyone has a happy memory. Here are a few tips for traveling with pets.

  1. Supplies – Some pets aren’t that great in cars which makes having cleaning supplies and a few towels a necessity. Bring some food and water, as well as a container or two, and treats so your pet doesn’t get anxious about their next meal. Bringing along their favorite toy doesn’t hurt either!
  2. Driving – Like humans, pets need to be both secure and comfortable. Make sure you drive a large enough vehicle to do both. Many automakers offer pet harnesses and other pet-oriented products in aftermarket packages. Be sure to stop every few hours so your pet can eat, drink, and take a break.
  3. Arrival – Once you’ve arrived at your destination, take the time to let your pet get acquainted with their surroundings. A new place can make pets both excited and anxious. While older pets aren’t likely to grow hyper as they get out of the car, younger dogs and cats could take off. Keep a firm grip on them!

How to Fix Car Scratches

Fix Car Scratches

A slight scratch or scuff, once seen, cannot be forgotten about. If left untouched, it will haunt you every time you head out to your car. While you should come into the service center for large scratches, minor ones can be fixed easily. Luckily for you, Haddad Toyota has a proven method to fix car scratches without spending more than a few bucks!

To start, you’ll want to clean all of the scratches you intend to fix. Any dirt or grime will end up in your paint if they’re inside the scratches. Next, see how deep the scratches are by dragging your fingernail over them. If your nail gets caught, it might be too deep to fix at home or without special kits.

Once you’ve cleaned in and around the scratches, grab a cloth, dampen it, and get a tube of toothpaste. To speed up the process, you could also use a drill and buffing pad.

Add a dab of toothpaste to the cloth then rub it on the scratch in circular motions. Depending on how long and deep the scratch is, it could take anywhere from a few rotations to a few minutes. Simply lift the cloth to see if the scratch is gone. Once you’re satisfied, that’s it; you’re done!

Toyota TeenDrive365 Campaign Puts New Spin on Texting and Driving

TeenDrive365 Toyota vehicles are family-friendly have passenger safety as a top priority. Toyota’s latest TeenDrive365 campaign aims to further increase passenger safety through spreading awareness of the dangers of texting and driving.

Along with, Toyota has introduced The Driving Coach. Instead of putting texting in an entirely negative light, this campaign aims to raise awareness of distracted driving through text.

The idea is that teens develop their driving habits based on what they see their parents doing. This latest campaign puts all of the power in the teen’s hands, and they get to show their parents a thing or two.

Here’s how it works: teens enter their phone numbers on the website, and Toyota comes up with fun, unique ways to help the teens coach their parents into “not doing ridiculous things (like eating) behind the wheel.”

Another added bonus: teens that play the game get entered to win a $5,000 scholarship! It’s a fun, unique way to raise awareness and promote safe driving habits.

Toyota’s Global Street Band Competition – Feeling the Street

Global Street Band You’ve probably experienced it before – you’re walking into a professional sports game, like the Bruins or Red Sox, and you hear an energetic beat coming from near the arena. A man is thumping on a drum and you can’t help but get pumped up for the game.

This man, and so many others like him, is a street musician, also known as a busker. Buskers perform all around the world, and Toyota wants to recognize their talent with a global competition.

At the official campaign website,, musicians can enter the competition by submitting a video. Audiences will then be able to choose their 6 favorite musicians, who will be joined together to form a global street band that will perform in New Zealand.

If you know someone who would make a great nominee for this competition, be sure to spread the word! All of the competition’s social media channels are listed below:

Official Hashtag: #feelingthestreet

Not a musician but still love music? Our new Toyota vehicles have great sound systems that allow you to dance to the beat of your own drum! Come check them out today at Haddad Toyota in Pittsfield.

Creativity at Work – Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

Toyota Dream Car Art Contest
Toyota’s Dream Car Art Contest is designed to help inspire future generations to be creative and become future engineers and auto designers.

Whether you’ve always wanted a tough-offing pick up, a speed racecar, a classic car, or even just the latest sedan at its highest trim level, we’ve all got that one car that we see when close our eyes at night. Well, Toyota wanted to figure out just what sorts of cars kids, their future buyers, were dreaming about so they decided to have an international Dream Car Art Contest.

This art contest has three categories: under 8 years old, 8-11 years old, and 12-15 years old. The entries for all three categories were judged based on artistry, individuality, and execution.

“These are genuine works of art,” said Cheech Marin, actor and art collector. “I can easily imagine these Dream Cars on the walls of a gallery or someone’s home. To see such talent coming from our nation’s children is truly an inspiration, and I look forward to seeing what these artists will create in the future.”

Check out the artwork produced by the United States Winners who are moving onto the final rounds of the contest in Toyota’s flickr album and check back with us at Haddad Toyota to keep up to date with all the latest Toyota news!

3 Tips for Winter Driving

3 tips for winter driving
Winter is here and doesn’t look like it’s leaving anytime soon. Check out our 3 tips for winter driving below and stay safe out there until the seasons change again!

With all the horrible weather we’ve had already this year, you probably have driving in snow down to an art by now, but here’s a short list of a few tips of how to drive in snow just as a short refresher. It’s always good to occasionally look through a list of these tips to get a good idea of what we all can do to better keep ourselves and everyone else on the roads around Pittsfiled, North Adams, and Springfield as safe as possible during these harsh winter months.

  1. Get Winter Tires – while the season may be over halfway through (we hope), skidding along the roads is no joke. Getting snow tires may help you grip the slick pavement better.
  2. Drive Slowly – getting to work or practice on time is not a fair exchange for your safety and the safety of others on the road.
  3. Give yourself plenty of time to stop – try to stop at least a full car’s length behind the car in front of you. This way, even if you do skid some, you have some room to give before you hit them.

Just follow these 3 tips for winter driving and hopefully it will keep you safe until spring. In the meantime, check out our four-wheel-drive cars at Haddad Toyota to help ensure that you will stay safe on the snowy roads out there.


Toys For Tots – Berkshire County Locations

Toys For Tots In Pittsfield MA
Haddad Toyota Is A Toys For Tots Drop Off Location

Toys For Tots Locations In Berkshire County

Haddad Toyota Is Proud To Be A Toys For Tots Drop Off Location

Haddad Toyota is happy to be a  Berkshire CountyToys For Tots drop off location again this year – find Toys For Tots boxes in both our Sales & Service Departments.  Please bring your unwrapped toys for boys or girls during our regular business hours and we’ll be sure to get your donation to the Western Mass Toys For Tots organization.  Please be sure to drop off your toys by December 15th.

Haddad Hyundai and Haddad Subaru also have Toys For Tots donation boxes, so feel free to drop off to either of those locations if that’s more convenient.

Additional Berkshire County locations can be found by typing in your zip code here.

Every year, the Marines organize the collection of new toys to donate to less fortunate children throughout the country, seeing it as

Car of the Month: 2014 Toyota RAV4 XLE

2014 Toyota RAV4 XLE
The All-Wheel-Drive on our car of the month, the 2014 Toyota RAV4 XLE, will enable you to conquer almost any road you encounter around our hometown.

If you are looking for a fun SUV that can fit all of your friends, family, and belongings while still zipping down the road, then our car of the month, the 2014 Toyota RAV4 XLE is for you.

This RAV4 comes with a standard 2.5L 4-cyclinger DOHC engine with 176 horsepower and 172 lb-ft of torque. It comes with AWD to help you navigate the icy roads of Pittsfield in winter. This RAV4 also gets 24 MPG City and 31 MPG highway miles to help you save more at the pump while cruising around town.

Of course, you’ll be cruising in style with the projector-beam headlights, color-keyed rear spoiler, integrated fog lights, and chrome-accented grille with silver highlighted lower grille. Add to that the 17-inch alloy wheels, heated power outside mirrors with turn signal indicators, roof rails, and a power moonroof with sunshade, and you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

The interior of this new SUV is just as impressive as its exterior. The 2014 RAV4 XLE is full of the latest technology and comfort features. It comes with dual automatic climate zones, a backup camera, 6.1-inch touch-screen audio display, AM/FM/Satellite radio, CD player, MP3 capabilities, hands-free phone connectivity, steering wheel mounted audio and phone controls, a fabric-trimmed, 6-way adjustable driver’s seat with sport bolsters, and two front 12V auxiliary power outlets.

Stop by Haddad Toyota to check out our New Vehicle of the month, the 2014 Toyota RAV4 XLE today!

Memorial Day Lease Deals At Haddad Toyota

Memorial Day Lease Deals At Haddad Toyota

Great Memorial Day Lease Sale At Haddad Toyota
Great Lease Deals On Toyotas This Memorial Day!

Toyota Lease Deals on 2014 Toyotas

If you’re looking for a great Toyota lease deal this Memorial Day, look no further!  Haddad Toyota has everything you want this holiday weekend – great food, convenient hours and awesome leases on brand new 2014 Toyotas!

Other Berkshire County car dealerships aren’t offering the same fantastic Toyota lease deals Haddad Toyota is – in fact, they aren’t even open!  At Haddad Toyota, we think you should be able to shop for and test drive a new Toyota when it’s convenient for you.  That’s why we’re open all weekend – so you can find great Toyota lease deals like:

2014 Corolla LE – $179/month

2014 Camry LE – $229/month

2014 RAV 4 LE – $255/month

2014 Venza XLE – $309/month

2014 Sienna L – $269/month

2014 Tundra – $338/month

All leases are for 36 months, 12,000 miles a year, plus tax, title, license and acquisition fee.

We’ll have the grill going all weekend, so stop in anytime Saturday, Sunday or Monday and test drive your next new Toyota!

Haddad Toyota will be open Saturday 9am – 6pm, Sunday 11am – 5pm and Memorial Day 9am – 8pm and you can see all of our new Toyota inventory 24/7 at

Crossing a Frozen Landscape in the Toyota Tundra


It was a cold New England Friday… nothing out of the ordinary this year, but still a good day to have a rain, snow, and ice-busting truck with heated seats at your disposal.

The shear magnitude of the 2014 Toyota Tundra made for a great cold-weather traveling vehicle when crossing the state for a weekend trip to visit family. At the height of the holidays, my passenger, Ben, and I loaded up the back seat of the Tundra with our weekend bags, a smattering of gifts, and a few bags of food and beverages, and headed three hours East to Cape Cod.

The first clue that we’d also be traveling in comfort were the heated seats with lumbar support, and the 2014 (the third generation) Tundra’s interior has been redesigned as well. The 3.5 inch information screen that leads to a navigation system, audio panel, back-up camera, and more is large enough to view without moving from your driving position, and the cab also had updated ergonomics and a reworked dashboard that add to that insulated feeling inside the truck. I didn’t feel cramped, but I didn’t feel as though I was piloting a tank, either.

The Tundra feels grounded to the road without the bouncy, ‘floaty’ feel that some large pick-ups have, and Vehicle Stability Control, traction control, anti-lock brakes, brake assist, and electronic brakeforce distribution are all standard. I was able to appreciate each of these in my own way as I rumbled down familiar Berkshire roads, long stretches of highway, and the narrow streets of Cape Cod, my destination.

There’s much to be said for the safety features and their effects on comfort; it’s much easier to feel at ease in a large vehicle knowing that you’re flanked by dual front airbags, front row side torso airbags, and rollover sensing side curtain airbags for both the front and rear rows. In fact, I learned after testing the Tundra that it was the first full-size pickup to earn the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Pick accolade.

We had a smooth ride for the bulk of the trip to Cape Cod, and towards the end of the route, the Tundra got its first test from the elements. The rain had been beating down on the lower Cape for most of the day, and as is bound to happen, some of the lower-lying stretches of busy Route 6 were obscured by inches of rainwater that couldn’t escape fast enough into the drains and run-offs. Traffic slowed and some cars pulled over precariously to the side of the road, unsure of how much success they’d have plowing through.

Indeed, as we barreled through near-flooded conditions, the subsequent splash reached the side windows of the Tundra, but we moved on without a problem. In fact, we seemed to be clearing the way for several of the smaller cars behind us.

We arrived at my parents’ house having made great time, and parked at the top of their long gravel driveway to make sure other relatives had plenty of space to park. The position created quite the viewing area for the truck; one-by-one, aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws arrived to be greeted by a sparkling new truck with its redesigned grille and body (Toyota calls it ‘American-style). Throughout the day, relatives took mini-field trips up the drive to have a look, and dinner conversation was peppered with comments about the Tundra’s distinction as the only pick-up to have successfully towed the Space Shuttle Endeavour across a bridge in 2012.

A little driveway-level boasting wasn’t enough action for the Tundra, though, and the next day we set out for the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History for a woodland hike that features the broad marshes of Cape Cod Bay, only accessible by hearty trucks with great wheels and plenty of gumption. We couldn’t help but giggle as the Tundra dwarfed most of the other trucks on the marsh, driven by stalwart fishermen and clammers who knew the landscape as well as the deep lines on their palms.

Adventures aside, however, the best gift the Tundra gave us was space and hauling power on the way back to Western Massachusetts as we prepared to depart. Our every day cars are fuel-efficient hatchbacks that usually serve us quite well, but preclude us from ever traveling with anything larger than an end-table stowed in the back.

It only took three Bungee cords and a little bit of help from the brawnier members of my family to fill the massive bed of the Tundra with more furniture than we’ve ever moved without the help of a rented moving truck. My parents had been hoping to unload much of it for years to make space in their 1786 farmhouse for some more modern trappings, and Ben and I were more than happy to replace our sagging mattress and over-flowing chest of drawers with some new-to-us pieces.

In went a mattress, a bureau, a desk, some assorted bedding, and the gifts we’d accumulated, along with a cooler of leftovers, without anything jutting, protruding, or smashed into the back at a worrisome angle. Even our vision wasn’t obstructed through the rear window, and we made use of the bed-light to get everything in as dusk (and out later at night) without stumbling.

Our final review is that, while we were a little scared of driving such a big, formidable vehicle at first, that fear soon subsided when we realized we were well protected in a truck that handles well – smoothly and quietly, not like a roaring behemoth. As a small-car driver, I also appreciated that feeling that other drivers were well aware of me on the road; the Tundra does indeed have a presence that’s hard to ignore, and it handles the ever-changing New England weather with ease. In the rain, it cuts through puddles without any hesitation. In the snow and ice, it’s steady and feels ‘sticky’ without a hint of slip and slide.

And in the shining sun, it rolls along easily, the driver supported by warm, adjustable seats and soothed by any number of tunes coming from the multi-source sound system. On a weekend trip in New England, it’s not surprising that we were able to test the Tundra in all of these conditions, and then some.

Jaclyn Stevenson is a guest blogger and driver for Haddad Toyota.