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New Advanced Active-Safety Systems Set Toyota Apart

FJ Cruiser Signal Lights on Side Mirrors
While many passive safety features Toyota already offers, such as signal indicators on side mirrors, are designed to help keep you safe, Toyota is working on Advanced Active-Safety Systems to help ensure your safety every time you’re behind the wheel.

Toyota’s always been know for reliability, but with the new line-up, Toyota’s starting to become known for something else – safety. Toyota’s new advanced active-safety systems will be available across its line-up. No matter if you want a Toyota Prius, new Camry, or Toyota Tacoma, your new vehicle will come with some top-notch advanced active-safety systems.

These systems, shown off in Tokyo last week, include upgraded pre-crash braking system, a vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communications system, refined auto-parking, and auto-adjust headlamps.

“There is a limit to reducing the number of fatalities through passive safety,” he said. “We must also focus on active safety.”

While some of these safety elements, such as the auto-braking systems, will be available in the United States next year, others will take a bit longer to get to our shores.

Many believe that these advanced active-safety systems are a stepping-stone to producing a mas-marketed fully autonomous car.

To learn more about Toyota’s current active safety features and to see them in action, be sure to stop by Haddad Toyota today for a test drive today!

Driverless Cars? Let’s Talk About Safe Cars Instead

2014 Camry
Toyota’s decided to shift its focus on creating a car that will drive itself to increasing the safety features on all of their current models.

More and more companies such as Google, Volkswagen, Nissan, and others have developed technology for autonomous cars. Autonomous cars, you know, cars without a person behind the wheel, are no longer going to be a top focus for Toyota. They decided to put their focus on safety technology instead.

“Toyota will not be developing a driverless car,” Toyota’s Deputy Chief Safety Technology Officer, Seigo Kuzumaki said.

Toyota believes that driverless cars are still 10 years away given the legal issues that need to be solved and technology developments that still need to occur. Because of this, Toyota intends to continue developing the preventative safety measures in their vehicles such as allowing cars to steer enough to stay in the center of a lane, making sure that the driver keeps their hands on the wheel, and eyes on the road. According to Toyota’s General Manager of their Intelligent Vehicle division, Ken Koibuchi, your car would become “a full-time back-seat driver.”

Let us here at Haddad Toyota know what you think of Toyota’s new safety focus and what you think of driverless car technology in the comments below.