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Kirobo the Robot earns two Guinness World Records!

Kirobo the RobotThe main mission of a joint organization between the University of Tokyo, Toyota, and the Japan Aerospace Organization Agency (JAXA) was to send a robot into space. They did it, and it earned the robot two Guinness World Records.

Kirobo the robot arrived in space on August 10,2013 at the International Space Station. He spent 18 months aboard the space station, and in that time he managed to break two World Records.

According to Guinness, he was “The first companion robot in space” and “The highest altitude for a robot to have a conversation is 414.2 km above mean sea level and was achieved by Kirobo.”

Some of the main features Kirobo possesses are voice recognition, speech synthesis, telecommunications functions, a facial recognition camera, and a recording camera.

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