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Want A Hybrid? Then You Want A Toyota Hybrid

Toyota Camry Hybrid
Toyota’s dedication to green technology goes beyond the Prius. They have not only developed other Toyota hybrid models for the Camry, Avalon, and Highlander, but are going to be among the first to mass produce a Fuel Cell Vehicle.

The Toyota Prius burst onto the scene in 1997 in Japan and onto the US market in 2000. Since then, Toyota has sold over 7 million hybrid vehicles! This impressive number is indicative of two things. One, the world has gotten more environmental conscious since the days of driving a gas chugging, full-sized SUV, and two, Toyota really knows what it’s doing when it comes to hybrids.

While the Prius is the biggest seller for Toyota, with its four models selling over 405,000 vehicles in 2013, it is by no means the only hybrid that Toyota, or all of us at Haddad Toyota, offer. We also have the Camry, Avalon, and Highlander hybrids in case you still want to cash in on that great fuel economy with a little more room or with a little more anonymity than driving a Prius.

Toyota also has some exciting news coming up for the future with their first mass-produced hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle going on sale in Europe next summer and hopefully making its way to the United States soon after all. For all things Toyota, and all things related to Toyota Hybrids, be sure to check back with us each week for an exciting new post!

No Power, No Problem: Power Your Home with Your Prius

Toyota Prius in Snow
When the weather took a turn for the worse, one ingenius man decided to use his Prius to power his house.

What do you do when your house loses electricity? Do you hunker down and get your wood-fire place going, buddle up under some blankets, or go to your friend or family member’s house until your power comes back on?  None of these solutions were good enough for one man, Bob Osemlak, who decided he wasn’t going to let a little weather and the loss of power stop him.  He decided to find a way to keep his power working.

Osemlak lives in Thornhill, Ontario, an area which lost power for about a day on December 21st of 2013. Osemlak, a 30-year Canadian Air Force aircraft technician veteran, decided to use his Prius for back-up power.


Osemlak planned for the power outage by first installing an outlet on his furnace. Once the storm hit and he did lose power, he connected a cord from his basement to his Prius. He used his car as his back-up power source for 9-hours and only lost about a gallon of gas.

For safety reasons, Osemlak urges others to not try to duplicate his experiment and power your home with your Prius, but for him, the Toyota Prius’ battery back gets two thumbs up.