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Toyota Reveals Special Edition Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla
Whether you love the sportiness of the Corolla, or if you just need a smaller car with dependability, the all-new special edition Toyota Corolla is the perfect, sporty car for you.

With the Chicago Auto Show coming up, many are wondering what new vehicles manufacturers have left to show off after the Detroit Auto Show last month. Well, on February 12th when the show opens we will officially find out, but until then we are left with only a few teasers such as Toyota’s hints at a special edition Toyota Corolla.

This special edition Corolla promises to be even sportier than the Corolla already is. It will come with red interior accents, 17-inch wheels, a glossy black finish, our upgraded EnTune infotainment system, and a push button start to really get your motor running. While we aren’t sure about the rest of the details, we do know that the special edition Toyota Corolla will only be available in a select number of hues: Black Sand Pearl, Absolutely Red, and Super White. Only a select number of these special edition, sporty cars will be made, so if you want one, you better come by Haddad Toyota to put in your order today!

Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about the upcoming Chicago Auto Show, the Toyota Corolla, and other, exciting Toyota news!

Special- Edition Toyota FT-1 Vehicles Revealed

FT-1 Gran Turismo
This special edition FT-1 will be available in the next version of Gran Tursimo, Gran Tursimo 6, for all gamers to drive.

This past week was the 2015 Pebble Beach Auto show consisting of the Concours d’Elegance, Tour d’Elegance, RetroAuto, Motoring Classic, Automotive Fine Arts Society Exhibition, and the Pebble Peach Car Auction. This Auto Show overall is aimed at showing off classic cars, luxury vehicles, and concept cars. Toyota joined in on the fun when they showed off new designs of their FT-1.

As you might recall, the new Toyota FT-1 was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show this past January. At Pebble beach, two new exciting versions of it were as different as they were similar. The first version of the FT-1 was the FT-1 Gran Turismo. This took the current platform of the FT-1 and made it even sportier by giving it a larger rear spoiler and a lower stance. This Vision GT FT-1 could hint at what Toyota’s future race cars, such as the Supra, will look like in the coming years.

The second special-edition Toyota FT-1 is what Toyota is calling their “upscale interpretation” of the vehicle. The outside of the car changes from the bright red color to a cool, graphite shade. The seating surfaces in their upscale FT-1 become even more luxurious with tan leather, making this edition of the FT-1 like the Clark Kent to the Gran Turismo FT-1 Edition’s superman. In fact, that’s what the designers were after – the more muted tones were inspired by a superhero’s transition.

Both special edition vehicles that were on display this past week will be available for players to drive in the video game, Gran Turismo 6. Learn more about the Toyota FT-1 Vision GT concept in the video below and be sure to stop by  Haddad Toyota to stay up-to-date with all the newest Toyota News.