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Relieve Holiday Stress With This Tip From Toyota

Still of man foam rolling his leg
This image, a still from the video embedded below, shows a man using a foam roller to help relieve the tension in his legs.

Are you feeling stressed out by the holidays? If so, then Toyota has a solution for you – foam rolling! Now, if you’re like most Americans, you aren’t sure what a foam roller is or what you would do with one. Luckily, Toyota has a video for you to show you how to use one:


As you can see, a foam roller is a way you can massage yourself after a long day at work or a hard workout. While it’s a great way to relieve holiday stress, which let’s face it, is in full-swing this week as we prepare for Christmas morning with the kids and for all of our family gatherings, it’s also a wonderful new habit to start for the New Year!

Foam rolling, just like sitting in the leather-trimmed, multi-stage heated front seats with lumbar support that come on the 2015 Camry XLE, is a wonderful way to relax during this busy season and into 2015. Let us know at Haddad Toyota what you do to help relieve holiday stress in the comments below. From all of us here at Haddad Auto Group, have a safe and happy holiday!