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Next Generation Toyota Prius Draws From Racer

2014 Toyota Prius
The next generation Toyota Prius will look to borrow fuel economy features from Toyota’s TS040 Hybrid Le Mans race car which just make might it the coolest hybrid around.

Want great gas mileage and an exciting ride? Well, the next generation Toyota Prius might just be the car you’re looking for. Due out in 2016, the next generation Toyota Prius will have parts that are currently being tested in its performance TS040 Hybrid Le Mans race car. Yes, a race car. While the President of the Toyota Motorsport GmbH, Yoshiaki Kinoshita has yet to release just what these parts are, we can’t help but be excited to think of the high-level performance capabilities that will be included in the next Prius.

Of course, these parts are probably the ones which are being used to improve fuel efficiency in the racer since the new FIA World Championship rules went into place which have put an emphasis on fuel economy in the racing segment. However, all of us here at Haddad Toyota figure that if these parts are good enough for the TS040 racer, they are good enough for us. Learn more about the next generation Toyota Prius and the exciting new Toyota technology in development for it here at Haddad Toyota’s blog as we will keep you up-to-date on all the latest Toyota news.