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Thank You Pittsfield Customers For Record August Sales

2014 Tundra
The Berkshires, and Pittsfield in particular, is truck country, and we want to thank all of those who stopped by Haddad Toyota and got a new pick-up this past month. It helped our August Sales reach a record high!

August is always a fun month full of family vacations, back-to-school shopping, and summertime activities. However, this past August was a lot more exciting than usual – at least by our standards and those at Toyota USA.

August was a record-breaking sales month for Toyota USA, and while August sales are normally high, this year has been better than most, or rather all, years past.  Toyota USA set sales records for the most cars sold in the month of August. Of course it wasn’t just Toyota USA setting records. It was an exciting month for all of us here at Haddad Toyota as well. We set our own record for most sales ever, in ANY month.

“All-time best ever month at Haddad Toyota,” Eddie Torres, the District Sales Manager for the Toyota Motor Sales, Boston Region said.  “Haddad was a key contributor in helping the Boston Region and Toyota USA achieve one of our best sales months in history.  Thank you all for your efforts in August!”

Haddad Toyota Sales Manager Bryan Welch had this to say:

“This was the best August we’ve had in dealership history.  August has always been our best month but this year holds the record as the most new Toyotas sold at our Pittsfield Toyota Dealership!”

Whatever the reason is for our record breaking sales month, we want to thank you, our loyal customers in the Pittsfield, Holyoke, Troy, and Bennington areas. We know that we are only successful because of you. Stop by our dealership and celebrate this great achievement with us!

2015 TRD Pro Line: Trucks to Get the Job Done

Toyota Tundra TRD
Toyota’s TRD Pro Line of Trucks, including the pictured Toyota Tundra TRD, are ready for anything.

Do you love Toyota Trucks as much as we do? If so, then check out the new2015 TRD Pro line of trucks featured in the new TRD Pro video. It features the TRD Pro Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner trucks off-roading and kicking up some major dirt, climb over rocks, navigate treacherous mountain passes, and push their 4-wheel drive to the limits.

As you can see from the video, the Toyota TRD Pro line of vehicle isn’t meant for the weak-willed. It’s designed for those who will take it out on any adventure they can imagine. With its high-performance TRD Bilstein ® shocks, TRD-tuned front springs, reinforced TRD skid plate, and TRD dual exhaust system, these off-roading trucks and SUVs can take you where ever you need to go.

While the 2015 TRD Pro line isn’t out yet, you can be the first to get behind the wheel of a new one! Contact our Haddad Toyota, Toyota Truck Champion, Scott O-Connell and be sure you get your name in the hat for a test drive the second one of these sweet rides come our way. Until then, you can play the Super Off Road ™ video game from Toyota and try to pretend it’s just as fun as driving the real thing through the Berkshires.

Scott O’Connell – Haddad Toyota’s Truck Champion

Scott O'Connell Toyota Truck Champion 2007 Award Ceremony
Scott O’Connell at the Toyota Truck Champion 2007 Award Ceremony at the Toyota plant in Evensville, Indiana where he was granted the Title of Toyota Truck Champion.

In this week’s blog post, we are featuring our very own Scott O’Connell. He is our very own Toyota Truck Champion. In 2007, he was given this title and he hasn’t let go of it since! Check out our interview with him to learn more about his love of trucks and his goal to be the #1 Salesman in the Boston Region (including MA, VT, NH, and ME).

Scott O'Connell' Father's 1972 Land Cruiser
Scott O’Connell’s father drove this 1972 Land Cruiser when he was a kid, starting Scotty’s love for all things Toyota.

Why do you love trucks?

I’ve always had a passion for trucks ever since I was a kid. That’s all. I remember my father driving. I still have pictures of his 1972 Land Cruiser. I would say I enjoy the “truck customer” just as much as the vehicle, they are all very different yet so alike.

Do you drive a truck? If so, what type?

I do, I have a Sequoia. This is built on the Tundra chassis but has third row seating.

What is your favorite truck?

This is easy, 2014 Tundra Crew Max Limited with a TRD package. I think the black wheels make the truck.  I must add that the new 1794 model is a great addition to the lineup this year.

Scott O'Connell leaning on a 2014 Toyota Tundra 1794 edition
Scott O’Connell with one of his favorite trucks is this 2014 Toyota Tundra 1794 edition.
Scott O'Connell with Tundra TRD
This is the Toyota Tundra TRD Rock Warrior Edition. It is Scott O’Connell’s father’s new truck and one of Scott’s favorite trucks. 

What is it about truck sales that has really lit a fire under you?

It really all started in 2007 when Toyota elected me to be the Truck Champion. This was a great opportunity to educate the everyday customer and the commercial truck industry about the capabilities of Toyota Trucks. With the release of the new Tundra in 2007 we were able to finally fulfill the commercial truck owners needs with over 10,000 pounds of towing capability, residential and commercial plowing up-fittings, and provide the highest resale value and lowest cost of ownership in its class.

Do you think truck owners (or prospective owners) all have something in common?

Yes. They generally have researched the vehicle thoroughly, compared all competitors and most of all want to deal with someone who can “talk truck.” They don’t want to sit with someone who hasn’t gone out there and worked these trucks everyday like they do. I was a contractor in previous years, I pull a boat all summer and a snowmobile trailer all winter, I understand all of the capabilities of this truck.

Scott O'Connell and his friends towing railers and snow mobiles
From his trips with his friend, Scott knows first hand that Toyota’s are ready to tow a heavy load.

What would reaching this milestone and becoming the number 1 truck salesman in New England mean?

I ranked 4th behind some of the best dealers out there, you get to know the other large truck dealers, and these guys do a great job. To rank ahead of them knowing how aggressive and creative they are at planning truck events, marketing to their customers and overall sales excellence is a huge accomplishment.

We started with Berkshire County, now every time you turn your head there is a Tundra driving by. Next we expanded out to eastern Mass, New York State and up to Vermont. Next is the entire Boston Region which ranges all the way to Maine. Knowing that you are the one putting the best built truck on the road and providing accurate information to more customers than anyone else out there would be the greatest reward to my 12 years of hard work to help grow this new truck into the number one position it belongs in.

Check back with us later to learn more about Scott O’Connell’s quest to become #1 or stop by Haddad Toyota to help him on his way or just wish him luck!