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2014 Toyota Everyday Heroes

Little blond girl holding a soccer ball at a picnic
The Toyota Everyday Heroes announced at the epsnW Women+ Sports Summit this past week and all of the women honored help run non-profits that are focused on helping women and girls be active.

In 2013 at the espnW Women + Sports Summit, Toyota began their Toyota Everyday Heroes program to honor women who are making a difference for women and girls in their communities through sports. This past week, Toyota announced the winners for the second-year of the Everyday Heroes, and we too, wanted to take some time to honor the three 2014 Toyota Everyday Heroes.

First, there is Dr. Kimberly S. Clay. She founded the Play Like a Girl non-profit. This is a resource that promots physical activity to help motivate young girls to have an active lifestyle. The non-profit’s programs target girls from 8-18 and helps them make healthier lifestyle choices by educating them about food and exercise.

The next recipient of the 2014 Toyota Everyday Heroes award is Monica Gonzales. She was a former professional soccer player and she is a current ESPN soccer commentator. She founded Gonzo Soccer, a soccer and leadership academy non-profit for Chicago girls from 8-16. This non-profit has expanded and Gonzo Soccer now has academies in Houston, Chicago, Columbia, and Mexico.

The third and final recipient of Toyota’s Everyday Heroes award went to Claire Smallwood, the executive director and one of the founders of the non-proft, SheJumps. This non-profit is designed to get women and girls outside, enjoying the great outdoors together, and increase their overall participation in outdoor sports. The non-profit is set up for women of all ages and of all skill levels to have opportunities to find new activities or just new people to do them with.

We just want to say thank you to these three great women and thank you to all of the heroes right here in our community. You help make our country, and our town a better place. Let us here at Haddad Toyota know who you think from our community is an Everyday Hero in the comments below.